XCOPY, Art Basel Apes, & Mutant Hound Collars Top The OpenSea Trending Charts ~ December 19, 2022

Weekly Review Newsletter #11

Happy Monday Track Traders!

It’s December 19th, 2022 and we are excited to share another edition of our weekly newsletter with you before the year ends! It’s been an active week for the NFT community as a whole, and TradeSage has been busy making stellar trades.

This week, TradeSage had its best week of all time, making 4.549 ETH trading NFTs based on its wallet and analytics tracking.

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This Week’s Sales

TrackTrade’s “TradeSage” NFT trading tool made a total gain of 4.55 ETH with sales it completed last week, making it our best week yet! December is heating up, with stellar collections like Valhalla still soaring and reaching #1 on OpenSea’s trending collections chart and made 0.45 ETH in profit for TradeSage! 

Let’s talk stats. Over the past week, 29 of the 33 collections picked by our TradeSage model were positive gains! That’s an 87.87% win rate, slightly under last weeks, but setting a new record of 4.549 ETH gained overall thanks to the individual trades made!

We are also going to take a look at some trends in the space. This past week was also no stranger to spin-off collections. For instance, as Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards and Argentinian Futbol NFTs found success, spin-offs like Biden Digital Trading Cards and other World-Cup related collections became popular on OpenSea- and TradeSage took notice! 

In today’s newsletter, we will look into this spin-off phenomenon and see which collections truly helped TradeSage in making this week’s massive success! We will also look into our top gain of the week, Max Pain and Frens by XCOPY, which made TradeSage a total of 1.28 ETH!

Total gain of 4.549 ETH

Trades made from December 11th to December 18th, 2022

MAX PAIN AND FRENS BY XCOPY: 7 Tokens, 1.28 ETH gain 

Bought 11/04 at 4.44 ETH

Sold 12/12 at 5.72 ETH

Max Pain and Frens is a collection by XCOPY Art that TradeSage bought on November 4, 2022. XCOPY Art is a popular NFT artist and recently launched another collection called Exit Strategy that included Max Pain holders to mint through their Allow List. XCOPY’s work overall has continued to be popular amongst NFT whales causing the price of all of his collections to skyrocket. 

TradeSage held it’s 7 tokens for over a month, until December 12th when the floor price jumped significantly likely in anticipation of this new Exit Strategy collection, and TradeSage sold the 7 tokens for a 1.28 ETH gain overall! 

Max Pain has continued to increase in value, peaking at 0.94 ETH the following day, December 13th, and currently holding a 0.8 ETH floor.

Valhalla: 3 Tokens, 0.45 ETH gain 

Bought 12/08 at 2.1 ETH

Sold 12/11 at 2.55 ETH

Valhalla was a hit once again for TradeSage. After last week’s wins trading Valhalla NFTs, TradeSage created an alert on 12/08/22 to purchase more Valhalla NFTs and picked up 3 tokens for about 0.7 ETH each. TradeSage held for 3 days and made a total gain of 0.45 ETH!

Over the last few days, OpenSea’s trending NFT list was riddled with many collections that TradeSage had noticed early. TradeSage noticed an uptick in trading among NFTs related to the World Cup – specifically, a collection called The Argentinians Official, supporting the South American favorite. TradeSage also alerted us to some “spin-off” collections, as I like to call them, that ended up making it onto the Trending NFT’s list as well – Biden Digital Trading Cards (You know what that is a spin-off for), and The French Official

Let’s take a look at the collections…

The Argentinians Official: 8 Tokens, 0.36 ETH gain 

Bought 12/18 at 0.12 ETH

Sold 12/18 at 0.48 ETH

4x ALERT! It goes without saying, Argentina won the World Cup, and what better way to commemorate the moment in 2022 than to purchase an NFT, right? 

Collectors had fun casting their bets, picking their favorite team, and riding the hype to the moon for the day, heavily trading “The Argentinians Official” collection.

TradeSage made 4x its initial investment of 0.12 ETH and flipped 8 tokens within hours making 0.36 ETH.

The French Official: 1 Tokens, -0.01 ETH loss 

Bought 12/18 at 0.03 ETH

Sold 12/18 at 0.03 ETH

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about “The French Official” NFT collection. 

TradeSage decided to give this collection a shot, however it flopped…perhaps a reflection of France losing the World Cup. TradeSage bought and sold this token yesterday, December 18th for a small loss of 0.01 ETH. 

TradeSage had 4 losing collections this week, for a total loss of 0.06 ETH. Not bad at all – especially compared to our total of 29 winning collections which made up our 4.55 ETH overall gain this week!

Biden Digital Trading Cards: 4 Tokens, 0.12 ETH gain 

Bought 12/17 at 0.04 ETH

Sold 12/17 at 0.16 ETH

We mentioned there was a spin-off to the popular Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards which launched earlier this week – and it was a shocking 4x gain!

Biden Digital Trading Cards is a collection that mimicks the clip-art style and novelty moment of the Donald Trump Cards and was trading heavily following the Don’s release. TradeSage maximized this moment and made a quick 4x, buying 4 tokens for 0.01 ETH each, and selling hours later for an overall gain of 0.12 ETH! This trade, like the others, could be multiplied at scale for some massive money made!

This Week’s Buys

There were a lot of interesting collections hitting the market this past week. From former presidents, to world renowned sports teams, NFTs of all kinds have been flowing through TradeSage’s database!  

Next up, let’s take a look at the NFTs TradeSage recently purchased and is currently holding…

The Potatoz: 1 Tokens, 2.14 ETH

The Potatoz collection by Memeland has been steadily rising in value over the past few weeks. TradeSage noticed this increase in trading activity and floorprice and picked up one token for 2.14 ETH. The Potatoz collection and greater Memeland ecosystem, are well known in the NFT space for consistently developing and launching blue chip collections, and Potatoz continues to have the communities full support. There is likely no ceiling too high for this collection’s potential! 

Art Basel Apes: 6 Tokens, 0.67 ETH

Art Basel Apes is another collection that TradeSage alerted us to early! We first heard about Art Basel Apes on December 17th at 0.0976 floor price, and shortly after, the collection made it onto OpenSeas trending NFTs page. This small collection of 600 NFTs saw its price rise rapidly, peaking at 0.385 ETH yesterday.

Mutant Hound Collars: 1 Tokens, 0.31 ETH

Mutant Hound Collars and Mutant Hounds were created by Novel Labs, an affiliate lab of Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Mutant Hound Collars were created as an initiative to expand the MAYC universe, and are required in order to mint Mutant Hounds. Buyers have been eagerly scooping these up, hoping to land a rare and valuable hound. 

TradeSage bought 1 token for 0.31 ETH earlier this week. Today, the floor price currently sits at 0.624 ETH, so we’ve already potentially doubled our money! We will continue to track this collection and see what TradeSage decides to do with it.