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TradeSage Weekly Review #13

After a bunch of tweaking, we’re finally live! Sign up for for $29/mo, you can cancel any time:

I have been using the service myself since about the beginning of December, using just plain vanilla Opensea. All my trades will be done in this wallet, so you can see I practice what I preach! I bought NFTs when the email alert told me to, and sold when it told me to — and had a great month!

I flipped 23 tokens, with 18 of them in positive territory – a 78% success rate! My total gain/loss was +0.657 ETH; in today’s prices thats nearly $800. It makes the $29/month fee for the alerts well worth the price of admission! (FYI, I only had about 3 ETH invested, thats about a 22% gain per month)

So, how does this work?

For the last year or so, our servers have been pulling in verified secondary sales on Ethereum — no mints, trades, etc. Just wallets buying and selling. We have to date amassed about 6 million transactions, and combined with all the metadata we have collected, there’s over 44 GB of raw data to analyze!

NFTs, and crypto, are notoriously tricky however.

A two stage approach

Our source for new ideas come from other people’s wallets. We constantly scan for wallets that are performing well – not just ‘whales’, but real wallets that have a knack for spotting trends and flipping profitably. The best performing wallets are then tracked closely. This list of wallets is ever evolving!

We then amalgamate all those wallets’ trades together and put it through our custom classifier to make the final call before its shipped out to you: how hard is this trade to accomplish? Does this trade make sense? Millions of prior transactions help us determine that. So in the end, Trade Sage is the best of both human and machine!

Keep in mind: Its just plain fun!

The thing I gotta say though, is that trading is simply fun! Rather than doomscroll or play mindless puzzle games killing time on my phone, I can be trading! It’s thrilling to see a new alert come in — I quickly check it to see if its a collection I can afford, then I put an offer in.

🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️

Opensea tells me a few hours later that I got the item at my target price (the price Trade Sage told me), now its time to list for sale! I’m refreshing to see if the collection is gaining in value, and where my price is at relative to the floor and other purchases. Sometimes a collection is hot and I flip it just a few hours later, other times it takes longer. This happened with Vallhalla – see alert I got and check out the price!

I may get alerts telling me to sell, in which case I hustle to aggressively sell my token, other times trade sage tells me to hold. I price at least a 25% premium to where I bought it so that I can take some profits. Its super fun and addictive! I don’t take it too seriously, and I keep all my purchases to pretty small amounts. I also am only playing with the funds I originally put in my wallet.

Now you can get these alerts, customized to your wallet. Its just $29 a month, paid with your credit card via Stripe. You can cancel anytime, and there’s no need to connect your wallet or any other funny business.

I have a ton more features I’d like to add, that’s powered by YOU. What would you like to see? Anything that can make NFT trading easier, more successful, and most importantly FUN I am game to make.

Now, off to our regular update!

This Week’s Sales

New to TrackTrade and want to know what all the hype is about?

Our TradeSage NFT Trading Tool kicked off the year by making 3.18 ETH in sales the week leading up to New Year’s Day! We are proud to be starting off the New Year continuing our winning streak, entering our 13th week straight of positive gains!

This week, we will be talking about our top 3 sales which made TradeSage the most in profits: Meebits, Giraffe Tower, and Aopanda Party, which made us a total of 2.69 ETH! Overall, TradeSage created alerts for over 35 different NFT collections, finding us to come early finds, quick flips, and big gains!

Total gain of 3.18 ETH

TradeSage Sales Week of January 1, 2023

Meebits: 4 Tokens, 1.2 ETH gain 

Bought 12/29 at 13.63 ETH

Sold 12/29 at 14.83 ETH

Meebits is a popular collection of 20,000 3D voxel characters which has been around since May of 2021. Just days before the new year, Meebits floor price had dropped to about 3.4 ETH, causing TradeSage to pick up 4 NFTs for about 3.42 ETH each. The collection’s floor price quickly increased to offset this drop and TradeSage was able to sell later that same day, making 1.2 ETH in profits, and achieving the top spot on our list of trades this week!

Giraffe Tower: 7 Tokens, 0.86 ETH gain 

Bought 12/10 at 0.42 ETH

Sold 12/26 at 1.29 ETH

TradeSage picked up on some early signals from Giraffe Tower in mid-December 2022, picking up 7 tokens for about 0.06 ETH each. The collection which initially launched in October 2021 saw a spike in trading though days later, rising to 0.215 ETH on December 26th! TradeSage then sold its tokens for a gain of 0.86 ETH overall in a little over 2 weeks!

Aopanda Party: 1 Tokens, 0.63 ETH gain 

Bought 12/28 at 0.77 ETH

Sold 12/30 at 1.4 ETH

Aopanda Party is a collection that you’ll have heard of before if you’ve been following our newsletter closely! TradeSage had previously made some gains within this collection late last year, and returned on December 28th, purchasing 1 token for 0.63 ETH. This investment paid off 2 days later when TradeSage was able to sell the token for 1.4 ETH making a 0.63 ETH gain! TradeSage had been following this collection closely, as it has maintained a high trading volume overtime and went on to see an increase in trading activity and floor price at year end!

This Week’s Buys

Curious what TradeSage is buying to ring in the New Year? 

We’ve got you covered! Entering 2023, trading NFTs should be easy. TradeSage generates hourly alerts to let us know which trending collections it is buying and selling. If you’re ready to start trading like a TradeSage, now is your time!

TradeSage is now available!

Starting this week, you may now sign up to receive TradeSage alerts on our homepage. Doing so will allow you to instantly start receiving TradeSage alerts conveniently in your email inbox. We truly hope you enjoy using TradeSage to improve your trading experience!

TradeSage’s New Purchases – January 1, 2022

Let’s check out some stand out collections that TradeSage is buying like:

  • NFArcade Pass
  • FashionDuck
  • Metaka Wars

NFArcade Pass: 1 Tokens, 0.4 ETH

NFArcade Pass is a browser based arcade platform for gamers and game developers which launched last month. The project has held a pretty high floor price since its launch, hovering between 0.4 to 0.6 ETH for a token in this 1000 pass collection. TradeSage bought 1 NFArcade Pass for 0.4 ETH, and the floor price has already risen since then, to 0.52 ETH today. 

Perhaps this would be a cool collection to get into if you want to give Web 3 gaming a try until TradeSage issues its next sell alert!

FashionDuck: 47 Tokens, 0.45 ETH

This collection looks like it is turning out well so far for TradeSage! The software model picked up 47 tokens when they were about 0.009 ETH each, for a total of 0.45 ETH investment. This trading opportunity was a great find for TradeSage because immediately after it purchased the tokens, the collections floor price rose dramatically, today sitting at 0.031 ETH, a potential 3x gain in one day!

FashionDuck is a collection based around a popular fashion brand that has been established since 2019 featuring their IP which pursues a “trendy and free personality concept”.

Metaka Wars: 6 Tokens, 1.12 ETH

TradeSage has been sending us a ton of alerts about the Metaka Wars NFT collection over the past week. The software picked up 6 tokens when the floor price was about 0.187 ETH each to enter this web 3 community!