RektGuy, Porkers & FewOWorld ~ TT Weekly Review ~ Sept 25, 2022

By Gabby Parsons // October 2, 2022


Welcome Track Traders, to the first-ever Track Trade Crypto Weekly Review! Our team is energized and happy to offer you top-tier trading tools to help you make better NFT investments and trades. As you already know, Track Trade’s TradeSage Alerts give you confidence in knowing when to buy or sell an NFT. Let’s take a look at some of the calls and trades made by the TradeSage over the past week.

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Porkers: 2 Tokens, bought 9/24, sold 9/25

0.04 ETH gain

Porkers is a great example of how a simple 2D PFP Collection can be successful in 2022. Looks like the TradeSage noticed the collections quick rise in value post-launch, deciding to purchase 2 tokens on 9/24 and flipping them the next day for a gain of 0.2 ETH each! Porkers launched by offering a free-mint, a simple website, and no roadmap… something many projects are doing now in an effort to underpromise and overdeliver. It will be interesting to see what Porkers builds in the future – perhaps an incoming play-to-earn game will catch the softwares attention again in the future! Oink!

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FewOWorld: 3 Tokens, bought 9/8, sold 9/23

0.8 ETH gain

FewOWorld, a generative art collection by popular artist Fewocious, has been growing steadily over time with a big increase in volume traded over the past week. Wondering why? Looks like FewOWorld community members are trying to accumulate as much Fewocious’ Paint as possible before his next NFT drop… Canvas that you can paint on within FewOWorld. Definitely a drop to keep an eye on!

FewOWorld Trading Volume Over Time. NFT purchase and sale date are circled.

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PunkAYC: 2 Tokens, bought 9/20, sold 9/20

0.05 ETH loss

Punk Ape Yacht Club… Sounds good at first, but everything is not what it seems. Claiming to be “the first proof-of-stake NFT”, PunkAYC is a spin-off collection melding two of the biggest blue-chip NFTs of all time, Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Unfortunately, price only decreased after an initial bump, offering us our only loss of the week of 0.5 ETH. Spin-off collections can work in a bull market by appealing to quick flippers, but can be extremely risky as the inevitable dump can come at any moment. 

PunkAYC trading volume and avg price. Purchase and sale date are each circled.

RektGuy: 5 Tokens, bought 9/12, sold 9/21

0.5 ETH gain

A great week of trades! RektGuy is a favorite of the TradeSage’s, as we’ve noticed it buying and selling items from this collection pretty consistently. Over the past week, the model spent 3.14 ETH on 16 tokens, most held for just one day, and sold the lot for 4.62 ETH making our one week gain 1.487 ETH ($1,925). This collection’s floor prices have been holding steady over the past few months between 0.2-0.4 ETH and recently rose to a high of 0.65 ETH. A good sign about the strength of the project overall!  

RektGuy with a noticeable spike in volume traded and price recently!

Line reflects RektGuy avg price over time. The TradeSage’s purchase and sale prices are circled in red.

Moonbears: 3 Tokens, bought 4/19, sold 9/20

0.08 ETH gain

Moonbears was a popular collection to enter the marketplace in Early May this year- or should we say marketplaces’. Moonbears dubs themselves the “First Omni-Chain NFT with a DAPP”, meaning their NFTs are available on “7 of the top blockchains” and are able to traverse each. The software model bought into this collection early, and the overall price has risen since, however have been on a steady decline and it was time to sell. Still made a profit!

Word of the day; DAPP.

Like Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Decentralized Apps (DAPPs) allow users to exchange 

data peer to peer while storing data within the blockchain, keeping your sensitive 

data away from the hands of big centralized companies.

Moonbears sales volume and average price over time.

New Purchases

Next up, let’s check out the model’s most recent purchases and predictions. The model went on a buying spree purchasing about 40 ETH in NFTs – the most popular collection being Asian-Cats, which the software bought 35 tokens for about 0.004 ETH each on September 21st. Buying larger quantities of affordable or free mint NFTs can yield big gains, but can also fall flat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like many Asian-Cats have been traded since the 21st so we will have to see!

Asian-Cats: 35 Tokens, about 0.004 ETH each, bought 9/21

Our newsletter’s first regular, RektGuy, is back – adding 19 more tokens to the tally. On September 25th, the Model purchased each token for 0.6 ETH each. Rektguy has so far proven to be a solid collection over time, making 6938 ETH to date in sales. Checking out their website you’ll find an advertisement for an upcoming event in London they are producing, so perhaps we will see another pop in price soon as they continue to develop!

rektguy: 19 Tokens, about 0.6 ETH each, bought 9/25

Market Update

Sometimes it can seem like the entire NFT market has disappeared completely, with headlines like “NFT sales hit a new low” and “NFTs are dead” flooding the media. If you’re like us though… you know NFTs are here to stay. 

Ethereum price after the merge is still sitting around $1300. Not familiar with the merge? The Merge was a term used to describe “Ethereum mainnet merging with a seperate proof-of-stake blockchain called the Beacon Chain”, reducing energy consumption by 99.99% ( 

There is still so much building happening within the Web 3 space and continual positive indicators solidifying the future of NFTs. We are approaching a time when buying an NFT will be a normal and integral part of everyone’s daily life. Just last week, Disney created a job listing seeking an experienced lawyer versed in NFTs, which caught many traders attention as a positive indicator towards the longevity of NFTs. From event tickets, to vehicle titles, video games and fashion – NFTs can provide a helpful function. 

NFT of the Week

My Pet Hooligan NFT is a collection of 8888 3D playable avatars which enable holders to play as their avatar within their social metaverse and access to AMGI’s suite of animation products. With over 16k ETH in volume traded, and a floor price sitting at 1 ETH at the time of writing – safe to say the collection is doing well!

It is clear that these NFTs look clean and well designed, which is refreshing to see. It really looks like the developers genuinely cared about the artwork, ensuring the expressions were captivating and natural, with cohesive traits, color ways, and textures.

Hooligan #4422