TradeSage’s Top Picks: Checks – VV Edition, Opepen Edition, & more!

TradeSage Weekly Review ~ February 05, 2023

Happy Monday, Track Traders! 

Welcome back to the Weekly Review Newsletter! It’s been an active week for the NFT community, and TradeSage has been busy making stellar trades. In fact, this was the best week on record! We will look at different metrics, such as previous sales made, holding time, and overall revenue. TradeSage always tries to let you know first about the best-trending collections on which you can get the maximum return on your investment. 

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Product Updates

A new addition to our newsletter will be product announcements, new features, and other goodies exclusively for our members. Watch this space for great additions to your NFT buying mastery, but for now we wanted to add another insight into our performance. Our conviction is that Track Trade has developed the most powerful NFT prediction system in the world, and we’ll always be transparent with our performance. You can get a LIVE look at how our system is performing at any time, by visiting this link. The data is up to date as of seven days ago, but you can get live data by signing up as a paid member!

Now on to this week’s sales…

This Week’s Sales

Look at TradeSage’s top three sales from last week: Checks – VV Edition, Opepen Edition, and what the fluff? These sales made 4.58 ETH, 0.77 ETH, and 0.49 ETH overall profit on TradeSage’s investments!

Not to mention, this was the best week for TradeSage profits overall. This week, we made an overall profit of 6.8 ETH. Compared to the last few week’s transactions, this is the most successful one because we maximized our investment return. 

Keep reading to take a deeper look at our top 3 trades:

Total gain of 6.8 ETH

TradeSage week of February 05, 2023

Checks – VV Edition: 13 Tokens, 4.58 ETH gain

Bought 02/01 at 12.82 ETH

Sold 02/01 at 17.4 ETH

Checks – VV Edition was TradeSage’s top trade transaction of last week. This was the biggest win as the value of Checks- VV Edition NFTs had skyrocketed on the same day. On February 01st, 2022, TradeSage altered us about the Checks- VV Edition NFT collection, and the software picked it up for purchase. TradeSage purchased 13 tokens for 12.82 each, which were sold hours later for a 1.35X gain when they had risen to 17.4 ETH each.

Opepen Edition: 40 Tokens, 0.77 ETH gain

Bought 02/01 at 5.32 ETH

Sold 02/02 at 6.09 ETH

Launched on January 08th, 2023, Opeopen Edition is a collection of 15984 unique NFTs. TradeSage bought 40 NFTs in the collection when it was about 5.32 ETH and then sold them on the next day, i.e., February 02nd, 2023. TradeSage saw a recent bump in its trading volume and a rise in floor price on February 02nd, 2023, jumping from a 5.32 ETH floor to 6.09 ETH. We made a 1.14X gain on this trade by selling 40 tokens for just 6.09 ETH each. 

what the fluff?: 8 Tokens, 0.49 ETH gain

Bought 02/01 at 0.44 ETH

Sold 02/02 at 0.93 ETH

TradeSage predicts and alerts on those collections that can offer maximum return on investment, and this transaction was no exception. The software picked eight tokens of what the fluff? TradeSage nearly doubled its investment of 0.44 ETH and made a 0.49 ETH profit overall from this trade. 

This Week’s Buys

TradeSage made a number of big purchases this week. The platform tracks several new trends to provide alerts to Track traders from time to time. Here we will discuss some of the latest collections that TradeSage purchased, such as Sewer Pass, Checks – VV Edition, and Opepen Edition. Let’s look at these NFTs in detail that TradeSage has recently purchased and is currently holding.  

Sewer Pass: 2 Tokens, 11.89 ETH

One of our top new purchases for the last week was a Sewer Pass. This NFT acts as the ticket to play Dookey Dash and grants access to Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash interactive skill-based mint till February 8, 2023. TradeSage purchased two tokens of Sewer Pass for 11.89 ETH each. Let’s see what gains TradeSage can make with this NFT.

Checks – VV Edition: 5 Tokens, 5.3 ETH

Checks – VV Edition, launched on January 3rd, 2023, is an NFT collection of 16K non-fungible tokens. We had reviewed this collection and expected that this NFT would offer a maximum profit on our investment. This week, TradeSage has decided to buy five tokens of Checks – VV Edition for about 5.3 ETH each. We will track this collection continuously to find out how much profit it will make in the coming week. 

Opepen Edition: 12 Tokens, 3.16 ETH

Launched on January 08th, 2023, Openopen Edition is an NFT collection that has become one of the most sought-after NFTs in the past few weeks. As of today, there are a total of 15984 unique NFTs minted by 5478 unique addresses. TradeSage picked up 12 tokens of Openopen Edition to invest. It will be interesting to see how this NFT purchased by TradeSage will perform in the upcoming weeks.