TradeSage’s Best Week Ever! – On the Edge of Oblivion, Unordinals, & more

TradeSage Weekly Review ~ February 12, 2023

The TrackTrade Weekly Review is back!

It’s been a stellar week for the NFT community as well as TradeSage! Compared to last week’s gain, this week has been even more profitable for us as the trading tool helped us earn a grand total of 8.379 ETH. In this post, we will look at different metrics, such as previous sales made, holding time, and overall revenue. TradeSage constantly strives to be the first to inform you of the most noteworthy collections where you may achieve maximum return on your investment.

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This Week’s Sales

Let’s review the top three TradeSage sales from the previous week: On the Edge of Oblivion, DigiDaigaku Super Villains, and Unordinals. On TradeSage’s investments, these sales generated profits of 3.32 ETH, 1.11 ETH, and 0.95 ETH, respectively!

Not to mention, this week has been immensely productive because TradeSage has made a significant profit. It occurred due to improving trading conditions for all trades this week. We did receive a better return for our investment than we had in the previous three weeks of transactions.

Keep reading to take a deeper look at our top 3 trades:

Total gain of 8.379 ETH

Our highest week ever!

On the Edge of Oblivion: 10 Tokens, 3.32 ETH gain

Bought 02/08 at 3.39 ETH

Sold 02/08 at 6.7 ETH

Inspired by the first photograph captured by a telescope of a black hole (Messier 87), On the Edge of Oblivion is an NFT collection of 555 NFTs. Last week, the most crucial trade on TradeSage involved On The Edge of Oblivion. The value of On The Edge of Oblivion NFTs had significantly risen on the same day, making this a notable success. TradeSage acquainted us with the updated information about the On The Edge of Oblivion collection on February 08, 2023, and the software recognized it for purchase. TradeSage bought ten tokens for 0.339 ETH each, and ten minutes later, they were sold for 0.67 ETH each, a 2X gain. You can buy and sell On the Edge of Oblivion (EDGE) on OpenSea.

DigiDaigaku Super Villains: 1 Tokens, 1.11 ETH gain

Bought 02/10 at 1.49 ETH

Sold 02/12 at 2.6 ETH

Limit Break, a business established by renowned game developers Halbert Nakagawa and Gabriel Leydon, has created DigiDaigaku, a collection of 2022 original characters. TradeSage bought 1 DigiDaigaku NFT Token for 1.49 ETH and made a 0.57X gain on this trade by selling the token two days later for 2.6 ETH. 

Unordinals: 10 Tokens, 0.95 ETH gain

Bought 02/10 at 1.74 ETH

Sold 02/10 at 2.69 ETH

TradeSage purchases and sells tokens promptly unless there is a chance of making more money. Recently, we observed TradeSage purchasing Unordinals collections at a price of roughly 0.174 ETH a piece and selling them the same day at the cost of 2.69 ETH. We ended up with a gain of 0.95 ETH after selling this NFT.

This Week’s Buys

This week, TradeSage made a slew of significant purchases. The platform takes account of many recent trends and notifies Track traders consistently. In this section, we’ll touch on some of the most recent collections TradeSage bought, like On the Edge of Oblivion, Checks – VV Edition, and A Fundamental Dispute. Let’s examine these NFTs that TradeSage has just purchased and is holding in more detail.

On the Edge of Oblivion: 4 Tokens, 8.65 ETH

In the last few weeks, On the Edge of Oblivion emerged as one of the most popular NFT collections. Each token will have three different characteristics that will influence how it appears. TradeSage acquired four On the Edge of Oblivion NFT tokens for investment. It will be interesting to watch how this NFT, which TradeSage recently purchased, performs over the following weeks.

Checks – VV Edition: 3 Tokens, 6.96 ETH

Launched on January 3rd, 2023, Checks – VV Edition is an NFT collection of 16K non-fungible tokens. After reviewing this collection, we predicted that this NFT would maximize our return on investment. TradeSage purchased three Checks – VV Edition tokens for around 6.96 ETH. We’ll keep tabs on this collection to determine how much profit it will generate in the week.

A Fundamental Dispute: 2 Tokens, 2.97 ETH

A Fundamental Dispute is an NFT project of a different type. It is entirely on-chain, which means that the entire body of information required to render the artwork in your browser is stored permanently on the Ethereum blockchain. Your share of A Fundamental Dispute is secured on the same blockchain, which means it can be retrieved as long as Ethereum keeps verifying transactions. TradeSage purchased two A Fundamental Dispute NFT tokens for around 2.97 ETH.