TradeSage takes interest in Music NFTs, Ekta Portal ships Portal Nodes to Holders

Weekly Newsletter #9

It’s that time of week again Track Traders, for our 9th Weekly Review Newsletter! We have had another stellar week, making wins 93.75% of the time!

TradeSage’s alerts have continued to improve week over week, and we are excited to eventually offer it’s services to the public. Currently we are continuing to build TradeSage’s notification system and functions, and we hope you continue to follow along with our journey and updates here. We will be sure to let you know first when TradeSage is finally available!

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This Week’s Sales

We are now entering our 3rd month of reviewing TradeSage’s NFT buying alerts and we continue to be thrilled by the results. Week after week, TradeSage has been able to identify both new and old collections to invest into, and has made consistent profits by using data analytics and picking up on trading signals. To put this simply, TradeSage sifts through the data to let you know when and which collections to buy and sell.

In this 9th edition of our weekly review, TradeSage made a total of 3.27 ETH in profits! The good news doesn’t stop there – TradeSage’s Stats have been improving as well. This week, TradeSage made 32 sale transactions and of the 32, 30 were positive gains, improving our win rate to 93.75% from last week’s high of 91.3%!

Total gain of 3.27 ETH

TradeSage Week of December 4th, 2022

Ekta Portal: 2 Tokens, 0.24 ETH gain 

Bought 11/24 at 0.23 ETH

Sold 11/30 at 0.47 ETH

CHECK YOUR MAILBOX! – It’s not very often that NFT collections offer a physical item alongside the token, and it’s even more rare for that item to be something of substantial value. Ekta Portal, however, is shipping Portal Nodes to their Holders – a device that improves “privacy, censorship resistance, uptime and decentralization of the EktaChain network”, according to their description on OpenSea. Holders receive daily rewards for 10 years for maintaining the Portal Node as well as access to Ekta Island NFTs which provide membership to their “blockchain island” located in Bali. Wow – that was a lot of promised utility. NFT buyers seem interested, and the collections floor price is even higher today, at 0.254 ETH. 

TradeSage alerted to this collection on 11/24 and bought 2 NFTs for 0.115 ETH each. We held the tokens for 6 days then sold on 11/30 for 0.235 ETH each, for an overall gain of 0.24 ETH!

ClosePaPremiumPass: 6 Tokens, 0.19 ETH gain 

Bought 11/30 at 0.18 ETH

Sold 12/01 at 0.37 ETH

One of my favorite things about the NFT space is that it is a global marketplace. People all over the world can participate, trade, and create! If you’re a fan of japanese artwork, or interested to see what creations are coming out of Japan, ClosePaPremiumPass may be for you!

ClosePaPremiumPass is an NFT minting pass that allows holders to mint “MIYAKO GENESIS” NFTs, and is aimed to provide holders greater access to Japanese NFTs, communities, and creators. 

TradeSage notified us about this collection on November 30th, and “bought” 6 passes for about 0.03 ETH each, and held until December 1st when it sold for 0.062 ETH each – a 2x gain! Since then, the collection has been doing even better and is currently enjoying a 0.0735 ETH floor! Good news for anyone who has held on longer than TradeSage!

Moonshot by Violetta Zironi: 2 Tokens, 0.17 ETH gain 

Bought 12/01 at 0.16 ETH

Sold 12/01 at 0.33 ETH

When we talk about NFTs, we often hear how NFTs offer greater ownership and rights to music creators. Currently, music artists make little money from streaming their work, with only 0.8% of Spotify’s top artists making over $50,000 a year according to a recent survey.

Moonshot by Violetta Zironi is a NFT music collection of 5 songs, with a unique distribution strategy and reward system for holders and supporters. Moonshot is a collection of 2500 items, each being one of her 5 songs paired with hand drawn artworks by her father who was a longtime Disney sketch artist. According to the collection description on OpenSea, holders of all 5 songs in a set get extra utility like free lifetime tickets, free vinyl records, free signed posters and free mints – so plenty of utility for Violetta’s biggest supporters! This drop and distribution model is being pushed by Nifty (, a big player in the NFT space and will definitely be interesting to follow and see if artist’s find success using this method.

TradeSage made a quick 2x on its investment, buying 2 songs (NFTs) for 0.08 ETH each on December 1st, then sold later that same day for 0.165 ETH! This transaction made us 0.17 ETH overall, and the collection is still rising in value today! We are loving seeing these solid wins from the software model.

27 more wins makes 93.75% positive gains…

In addition to our top 3 transactions, TradeSage offloaded some more passes like the UltraPass by UltraDAO for a 0.14 ETH gain, as well as 26 other wins! TradeSage successfully picked 30 winners out of 32 collections – 93.75% positive gains to make our 3.27 ETH profit for the week! We are so excited by these results that I want to ensure we share all the relevant information with you, so I will be listing all of the transactions from this past week at the end of the Newsletter!

This Week’s Buys

TradeSage doesn’t take breaks and continues to alert us to new collections to buy. Check out some stand out collections being featured this week, like Neo Tokyo Outer Citizen for web 3 builders, and the City of Celeste by Metropolis World which were 2 of TradeSage’s biggest new purchases.

Neo Tokyo Outer Citizen: 1 Tokens, 1.1 ETH

For Web 3 Enthusiasts – Neo Tokyo Outer Citizen is a collection built by and for web 3 VCs, developers, token founders, and builders. The collection launched back in April of this year and has seen a recent jump in price over the past 2 weeks, doubling from its median price of 0.65 ETH around November 14th. It will be interesting to see how this community of builders will continue to sustain this project, and what gains TradeSage can make with this NFT!

2117 – Citizenship by BEDU: 3 Tokens, 0.89 ETH, is a unique metaverse experience meant to simulate humanities endeavors to colonize Mars by the year 2117. They offer membership for this experience through citizenship passes (NFTs), which grant access to the 2117 Metaverse by BEDU. Each pass allows the holder to go through simulated experiences throughout the next year, like collecting characters and making settlements, while developing a community with like minded goals of increasing humanity’s sustainability. 

TradeSage seemed interested, copping 3 of these tokens for about 0.3 ETH each!

Metropolis World – City of Celeste: 1 Tokens, 0.33 ETH

This week, we are featuring a unique buy from TradeSage – this time, in NFT Properties!

Metropolis World is home to the City of Celeste, which the project is calling the “Metaverse’s First Capital City”, and is a collection of 450 individual non-generative housing properties. Each property is a dynamic NFT and comes with its own backstory and characters, making a very appealing collection! TradeSage bought 1 NFT yesterday for 0.33 ETH, and is already increasing in value to a 0.499 ETH floor today!

Complete List: TradeSage’s Other Sales This Week

Curious to see a complete list of TradeSage’s Sales from the past week? We’ve got you covered.

These combined with the sales above to provide our 3.27 ETH gain for the week.