TradeSage Picks: Valhalla and Rektguy NFTs Surpass 1 ETH Floor Price ~ December 12, 2022

Newsletter #10

Welcome back to the TrackTrade Weekly Review Newsletter! TradeSage has had another winning week, and I apologize that this week’s newsletter did not come out on Monday as it usually does – author under the weather! But we are back with some exciting news from a familiar collection, Rektguy, and well as a new blue-chip collection, Valhalla, a new tactical strategy NFT enabled game. We hope you find our newsletter helpful and informative about the NFT market as well as our TradeSage trading tool.

This week, we will be carefully reviewing the sales made by TrackTrade’s TradeSage NFT trading alert tool. We will be looking at a variety of metrics, including the number of sales made, holding time, and the overall revenue generated by the tool. We will also be looking into the types of NFTs that made the most money, as well as any trends or patterns that emerge in the data. By carefully reviewing this information, we hope to gain a better understanding of the performance of TradeSage and identify any areas for improvement! We hope you will follow along each week, as TradeSage will be launching very soon and we will be sure to keep you in the know! 

This Week’s Sales

The week of December 5th to December 11th, 2022, TradeSage traded tokens in 28 different  NFT collections. We will be reviewing the top 3 gains of the week, as well as taking a look at our losses. We had another positive week making a total gain of 2.18 ETH over 25 different collections and had only 3 losses for just 0.13 ETH. We continue to be encouraged by TradeSage’s ability to identify collections that rise in value and we continue to see home run’s and little wins, and now TradeSage has entered the 10th week of its winning streak!

We will be reviewing the highly popular Valhalla collection, as well as a collection which initially sold out in January 2022 during the previous bull run, Trillionaire Thugs. We are also taking a look at a win from a collection we introduced you to last week – Metropolis World.

Total gain of 2.18 ETH

TradeSage Week of December 11, 2022

Valhalla: 2 Tokens, 0.28 ETH gain 

Bought 12/08 at 1.39 ETH

Sold 12/08 at 1.67 ETH

TradeSage’s top transaction this week was the flip of 2 Valhalla NFTs. This could’ve been an even bigger win because the value of Valhalla NFTs have skyrocketed since TradeSage alerted to the collection on December 8th. On the 8th at the time of the transaction, the collections floor price was 0.69 ETH. TradeSage opted to quickly flip the 2 tokens for a gain of 0.28 ETH overall, but holder’s who held longer and stayed with the collection are enjoying a 1.499 ETH floor today at the time of writing this!

Trillionaire Thugs: 2 Tokens, 0.23 ETH gain 

Bought 12/09 at 0.19 ETH

Sold 12/10 at 0.42 ETH

Trillionaire Thugs saw a recent bump in trading volume and jump in floor price on December 8th, jumping from a 0.1 ETH floor to a 0.143 ETH floor, and has held relatively steady since. TradeSage bought and sold 2 NFTs in this collection for a 0.23 ETH gain on December 10th. 

Trillionaire Thugs was a collection that launched in January of this year, in the height of the 2022 bull run and the 3D avatar trend. Though the average price of these NFTs have dropped since their launch earlier this year, perhaps NFT traders are coming back to OG collections! 

Metropolis World – City of Celeste: 1 Tokens, 0.17 ETH gain 

Bought 12/03 at 0.33 ETH

Sold 12/06 at 0.5 ETH

TradeSage occasionally notices and alerts us to collections that have items that have the possibility of being purchased under the collections floor price. Though the collection’s floor price was around 0.5 ETH on the date of purchase, TradeSage noticed that some NFTs could be purchased for lower, and picked up one for 0.33 ETH. The software decided to hold this plot of land for 3 days and sell on December 6th for 0.5 ETH for a 0.17 ETH gain.

A deeper look into one of our losses…

TRIPLE DRAGON CLUB – Genesis NFT: 22 Tokens, -0.02 ETH loss 

Bought 11/08 at 0.36 ETH

Sold 12/09 at 0.34 ETH

Sometimes, we see TradeSage buy into collections that do not thrive and increase in value like the others. Triple Dragon Club is a collection that TradeSage bought last month on November 8th. We picked up 22 tokens, however, after a month of little change TradeSage decided to let go of the tokens for a 0.02 loss

This Week’s Buys

TradeSage doubled down on collections it’s been loving in the past, buying 6 more RektGuy NFTs as they surpass a 1 ETH floor price, as well as more Valhalla NFTs. We also see trends that reveal new utilities emerging in the market from 0xmusic.

rektguy: 6 Tokens, 6.99 ETH

We’ve been talking about Rektguy a lot over the past couple months. We had reviewed this collection back on October 31st, when Rektguy was one of TradeSage’s top trades of the week, selling an NFT for 0.64 ETH. We noted then, that TradeSage still had many more Rektguy’s held in its wallet and anticipated their eventual sale, hoping for another win.

Rektguy floor price (ETH) according to OpenSea.

Well, now a month and a half later on December 12th, Rektguy surpassed a 1 ETH floor price! This week, TradeSage alerted to this collection once more and has decided to buy 6 more Rektguy’s for about 1.165 ETH each. 

We’d love to hear what you think about RektGuy or TradeSage’s calls regarding this collection! Tweet us @ttradecrypto linked above!

Valhalla: 2 Tokens, 1.25 ETH

Valhalla is a tactical strategy NFT enabled game developed by Stacked and has been trading steadily since its launch in August 2022, however since the start of the month has recently seen a spike in overall volume traded and floor price. This week, the collection surpassed over 10,200 ETH in sales according to OpenSea.

Over the past week, TradeSage bought 2 tokens for 0.625 ETH and is still holding! Looks like this may turn out to be a big win, perhaps something for us to review in next week’s Newsletter!

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0xmusic: 2 Tokens, 0.13 ETH

0xmusic has launched a genesis NFT collection offering a unique utility and exists as your “generative DJ”. Each NFT is paired with a playable song, and each time the song is played it is destroyed and replaced with a new one in real time. This is a unique way for NFT holders to show off their artwork in the real world for their friends and family to enjoy and be introduced to NFTs for the first time. 

This is a small collection of only 777 works, however each NFT opens a door to endless possibilities allowing their holder to mint any of the music created into another NFT, or save and use the MIDI tracks for use in other works!

TradeSage bought 2 0xmusic tokens for 0.065 ETH each this past week and we are interested to see what they do in the market!