TradeSage NFT Alert Tool Has It’s Biggest Week of Gains Yet: 91.3% Wins

TradeSage Weekly Newsletter #8 

Happy Monday, Track Trade! 

Welcome back for the 8th edition of our TradeSage Weekly Review, where we analyze alerts to buy and sell NFTs created by our TradeSage Model. 

Massive gains by TradeSage this week – making over 4.21 ETH selling this weeks trending NFTs. This week we will review TradeSage’s top 3 sales, then look into some stand-out new collections TradeSage is buying into.

This Week’s Sales

This may be our most exciting newsletter to date, as TradeSage made over 4.2 ETH in profits with over just 23 transactions – our biggest single week gain! From Nov 21-27th, TradeSage made 23 sales overall and 21 wins – That’s 91.3% positive!

We are energized by the results TradeSage is producing consistently and hope you will be too. As we look at this week’s transactions, there were many trades that would be ideal for beginning investors! If you’d like to be notified when TradeSage is launched to the public, enter your email below.

Total gain of 4.21 ETH

TradeSage Week of November 27th, 2022

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HeavenComputer: 34 Tokens, 1.78 ETH gain 

Bought 11/22 at 0.75 ETH

Sold 11/22 at 2.53 ETH

MASSIVE TradeSage WIN – Last week, after we published our TradeSage Weekly Review, TradeSage made one of the best calls in TrackTrade history. On Tuesday, November 22nd, TradeSage alerted to a collection called HeavenComputer, a generative “glitch-art” 90s Y2K inspired collection, and decided to pick up 34 NFTs for about 0.022 ETH each. This collection was trading heavily on this day, and the floor price skyrocketed to just over 0.071 ETH! TradeSage accurately predicted that it was best to collect its gains and sell for 0.074 ETH each for an overall gain of 1.78 ETH, before the floor price would fall slightly the next few days, Nov 23-24, before rebounding again. Currently, the collection is enjoying an even higher peak and a floor price of 0.084 ETH.

Key Takeaways: 

  • TradeSage knows when to sell before floor price drops.
  • TradeSage notices newly trending collections to make big gains.

Synthetic Dreams by Refik Anadol: 1 Tokens, 0.9 ETH gain 

Bought 11/24 at 1.62 ETH

Sold 11/24 at 2.52 ETH

Do you love NFTs for their artwork?

Synthetic Dreams is a simply beautiful collection of AI generated landscape images, and it’s clear why they are popular amongst NFT collectors. At first glance, these artworks look like beautiful pictures of landscapes, but upon closer inspection, it is clear that a camera did not take this image – but many AI generated lines and shapes that seamlessly blend together to create the illusion of a landscape.

TradeSage made a big call here, purchasing 1 token for 1.62 ETH on November 24th, and selling it the same day for 2.52 ETH for a gain for 0.9 ETH! We are feeling good about this call and transaction, and believe TradeSage was able to pick up on the trading signals around this trending new NFT collection. The project is still going strong and is trading for 3.85 ETH as of today!

STATE OF THE ART by ThankYouX: 3 Tokens, 0.34 ETH gain 

Bought 11/23 at 1.02 ETH

Sold 11/23 at 1.36 ETH

The 3rd and final transaction by TradeSage that we will be reviewing in depth today is STATE OF THE ART by ThankYouX. This was a quick flip of 3 NFTs on November 23rd that earned us 0.34 ETH! 

Many of the 21 wins this past week were similar to this transaction, flipping a few tokens over a day or two for steady gains that accumulated for our 4.21 ETH gain overall for the week.

This Week’s Buys

TradeSage made some exciting new purchases this week… Let’s dive in to learn more about what TradeSage is currently tracking! We have some new names to discuss like Edomin, and Mfers, as well as a familiar face – Rektguy NFT, for our 2nd biggest purchase this week.

mfers: 1 Tokens, 1.1 ETH

Mfers is a collection that I hold close to my heart, and has been around since November 2021. This collection founded by Sartoshi, an OG Cryptopunks holder and Twitter persona, was wildly successful after its launch and has continued to maintain a community of active mfers (NFT and crypto degens). 

This is an epitome of community led collections, as all Sartoshi did was create the NFTs. He did not create an official discord, he did not define a roadmap – he instead sat back and let Mfers direct the project as they wanted. On their own, the community created their own unofficial discord to communicate and collaborate with each other, and determined the direction of the NFT. 

Now a year later, the collection is still holding strong and is probably quite undervalued in relation to its collectability! TradeSage snagged 1 Mfer yesterday for 1.1 ETH, and we are already making gains. Mfers floor price is currently sitting at 1.3 ETH, and is likely to increase much more as we approach an eventual bull run and NFT culture lovers continue to collect them.

If you’re interested in Mfers, it is still a good time to get in! Check the collection out here on OpenSea.

Edomin: 29 Tokens, 1.36 ETH

Edomin is a pixel collection inspired by Edo Motifs – a distinctive japanese aesthetic, and though not officially stated – CryptoPunks. TradeSage swept the floor of this collection, deciding to buy 29 NFTs for about 0.047 ETH each! Currently, the collection is trading well and has high liquidity – making sales every few minutes. This project appears to be Japan based and has noticeable local support! 

rektguy: 6 Tokens, 2.55 ETH

If you’ve been following along with our Weekly Review, you’ll recall RektGuy NFT. Over the past 2 months, TradeSage has bought into RektGuy numerous times, providing us consistent and steady gains. This week was no exception and TradeSage returned to its favorite collection and bought 6 tokens yesterday for about 0.42 ETH each.

The collection has had an increase in trading volume, recent sales, and floor price over the past week – good signs!