New Trends Emerge in the New Year: SavageNation, BasedHeads, & Omnis.Wtf NFTs

TradeSage Weekly Review #14 ~ January 9, 2023

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This Week’s Sales

Let’s look at TradeSage’s top 3 sales from this past week: FashionDuck, WomenUnite, and Savage Nation. These sales made 3x, 2.5x, and 7.25x return on TradeSage’s investments!

However, this was not the best week for TradeSage profits overall. This week, we ended up breaking even, making a gain of just 0.129 ETH. Looking over the transactions, it looks like a couple trades turned bad, swiftly wiping out most of our gains for the week. Those two collections were Metaka Wars and ETH Gobblers, which TradeSage bought heavily, amplifying the loss. We aren’t deterred though, as the other trades remained solid and in-line with results we have seen in the past! 

Let’s look at the stats. 

TradeSage purchased tokens over 37 different NFT collections, making a gross gain of 3.41 ETH, however the two major losses amounted to a loss of 2.67 ETH, killing our winning streak. You’ll notice that beside each collection name, is the number of tokens TradeSage decided to “purchase”. TradeSage purchases anything from a couple to a few dozen tokens, which multiplies and amplifies gains and losses, of course. 

Our number 1 trade this week was TradeSage’s call to purchase NFTs in the FashionDuck collection, which was a big purchase of 47 tokens, which made us 0.88 ETH! Looking at the other 25 collections that ended up in positive territory, TradeSage was able to make gains trading just a couple tokens within each, steadily making profits. Our top 8 trades made between 0.2 and 0.88 ETH each.

Total gain of 0.129 ETH

TradeSage week of January 8, 2023

FashionDuck: 47 Tokens, 0.88 ETH gain 

Bought 12/28 at 0.45 ETH

Sold 01/02 at 1.33 ETH

Our top trade of the week was FashionDuck, which was a nice 3X flip for TradeSage! 

TradeSage alerted us to this collection a few days before the new year. The software picked up a bunch of these tokens when they were still about 0.009 ETH each, and sold just 5 days later for a 3X gain when they had risen to 0.028 ETH each for a 0.88 ETH ($1,055) gain overall! 

TradeSage went in heavy, picking up 47 tokens when they were so affordable, to achieve our biggest win of the week.

Women Unite – 10k Assemble: 3 Tokens, 0.27 ETH gain 

Bought 11/04 at 0.17 ETH

Sold 01/02 at 0.44 ETH

It appears that TradeSage spent a lot of time offloading old purchases from the month of November 2022. Much of the time, TradeSage is buying and selling pretty quickly, holding onto tokens for days to weeks at a time, however sometimes we do see it hold on for longer.

Women Unite – 10k Assemble is a collection that TradeSage had alerted us to buy back on November 4th, 2022. We made a 2.5x gain on this trade, selling the 3 tokens for just under 0.15 ETH each for a 0.27 ETH gain overall! 

Savage Nation: 1 Tokens, 0.25 ETH gain 

Bought 12/21 at 0.04 ETH

Sold 01/03 at 0.29 ETH

On December 21st, 2022, a Savage Nation NFT featuring one of 10 characters was purchased for 0.04 ETH. This is a collection that features multiple characters, along with art and lore, which is a trend we have seen gaining popularity in recent months. The NFT was then sold on January 3rd for 0.29 ETH,  a 7.25X return on investment!

Metaka Wars: 34 Tokens, -1.12 ETH loss 

Bought 12/29 at 4.05 ETH

Sold 01/02 at 2.93 ETH

Metaka Wars did not turn out in our favor. If you recall, we mentioned last week that TradeSage was purchasing Metaka Wars NFTs, and our software went in heavily, picking up 34 tokens for a total of 4.05 ETH on December 29th. Unfortunately, after much fluctuation the floor price began to fall and TradeSage sold for a loss of 1.12 ETH on January 2nd. 

This Week’s Buys

We are tracking many new trends in this week’s New Buys portion of our newsletter. January is already proving to be an interesting month for NFT trading and trends! Today, we will be discussing some of the new collections that TradeSage has been alerting us about. The first, BasedHeads is a pfp collection featuring multiple characters, which is a new trend we are beginning to see more of within the space. We are also going to take a look at The Potatoz, a strong blue-chip and, a new mysterious collection that coders love!

BasedHeads: 38 Tokens, 11.13 ETH

BasedHeads is a unique collection featuring 6 individual brands that launched this month! In my opinion, we are seeing a lot more of these collections because the market is finally demanding this sort of variety and expanding utility around brands! Unlike the early days of NFTs, buyers are now seeking out more communities with more variability or subcommunities they connect with. BasedHeads had an initial price jump and has maintained a floor price around 0.25 ETH since its launch. The actual artwork is still yet to be revealed, so we shall see what happens!

The Potatoz: 3 Tokens, 10.05 ETH

In anticipation of the coming Captainz collection by Memeland, The Potatoz have been flying off the shelves! Memeland has become a “reputable” figure within the space through the development of their multiple NFT collections and communities, which is why Captainz is expected to be a high value blue-chip collection as well, and traders are picking up Potatoz just for a better chance to get their hands on one! 15 Tokens, 0.28 ETH

WTF… is going on with this collection? 

Honestly, I personally have no idea, but that didn’t stop me from picking one up myself! TradeSage has been buying up these tokens all weekend, and the collection’s floor price has continued to grow steadily. Each day the NFT reveals a new version of itself, introducing new rarities, mysteries to unravel and regular boosts of interest to maintain the floor during the collection’s crucial early days.