Iconic Moment’s Art Pass, RektGuy NFT, & More ~ TrackTrade Weekly Review ~ Oct 17, 2022

Weekly Review Newsletter 2 

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This Week’s Sales

This week, we have a few familiar collections in the sales lineup. RektGuy and FewOworld are both back with bigger gains, as well as a few new additions. We took a deeper look into each trade to see any underlying factors. This week. we especially see how important it is for a collection to have a useful or interesting utility in order to maintain value.

rektguy: 11 Tokens, 4.16 ETH gain 

Bought 09/17 at 5.34 ETH

Sold 10/09 at 9.5 ETH

Rektguy NFT continues to be a strong pick from TradeSage. On September 17th, TradeSage signaled to buy 11 RektGuy NFT’s and sold them about 3 weeks later for a gain of about 0.37 ETH each. We took a deeper look into Rektguy on OpenSea to see if we could learn anything more about this. According to Opensea, the collection’s average price on 9/17 was 0.29 eth, and was 0.83 eth on 10/9. Rektguy has a high liquidity, with items of the collection constantly being bought and sold on the marketplace. It looks like there have been lots of opportunities to buy and sell within this active community. Rektguy maintains hype within their community by offering IRL events and activities to holders of their NFTs, some that are happening this month!

The Art Pass by Iconic Moments: 3 Tokens, 0.56 ETH gain 

Bought 10/15 at 0.49 ETH

Sold 10/15 at 1.05 ETH

The Art Pass by Iconic Moments is an allow-list access pass for future NFT drops by Iconic Moments. Iconic Moments is an NFT marketplace “for the 450,000 Museums and Culture Brands around the world” according to their website. There are 1250 Art Passes within the collection and the TradeSage decided to quickly flip some on mint day, October 15th. The Art Pass public mint is happening now, October 17th, and it will be interesting to see what happens to the rest of the collection and if the TradeSage decides to go in again!

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FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Paint: 3 Tokens, 0.46 ETH gain 

Bought 08/18 at 1.03 ETH

Sold 10/10 at 1.49 ETH

FewOWorld is back! You may remember from our last weekly review that the software sold off some of the tokens it had bought in September. Since then, TradeSage has been holding onto another 3 tokens and sold them on October 10th, for an overall gain of 0.46 ETH. In retrospect, it may have been a good idea to sell these tokens earlier for a bigger gain, but perhaps the TradeSage was waiting for a better moment.

Rug Radio – Genesis NFT: 6 Tokens, 0.16 ETH gain 

Bought 09/19 at 1.41 ETH

Sold 10/10 at 1.57 ETH

TradeSage had some little wins this week too, selling 6 tokens of Genesis NFT that it had bought back on September 19th. Rug Radio Genesis NFT is a utility NFT that yields tokens to holders dependent on the scarcity of their Rug (the NFT). Looking at the collection, you’d notice that the collection boasts some pretty unique artwork, in the shape of a long rectangular rug. I was curious to understand how this works for them, then it dawned on me! Rug Radio claims to be the first web 3 (decentralized) media platform empowering creators, and what to media platforms have? Headers! While most NFTs have taken a pfp (profile-picture) approach to NFTs, Rug Radio seems to have designed a header that you can flex like other NFTs on social media. Now your header too can show your love for NFTs, show community membership, and show off the artwork you love. Specifically for Rug Radio, using their NFTs as your header shows your support for a decentralized internet!

Eggz By Soakverse: 2 Tokens, 0.0 ETH gain 

Bought 10/14 at 0.05 ETH

Sold 10/15 at 0.05 ETH

SoakVerse Eggz launched on October 13th and sold out, offering “utility-enabled” eggs. According to their official sites, SoakVerse compares their eggs to “Pokemon trainer eggs”, that hatch after completing milestones. Perhaps the TradeSage saw this as a low risk investment, noticing a peak in interest around launch day. Overall, a collection with many promises yet to fulfill.

Ouroboros by Shane Rich | raregonzo: 4 Tokens, -0.02 ETH loss 

Bought 10/05 at 5.04 ETH

Sold 10/09 at 5.02 ETH

Oh no Ouroboros! TradeSage bought 4 AI generated NFTs on October 5th and held for for 4 days, then sold for a loss of 0.2 eth overall. Ouroboros is an AI generated project which sold out on artblocks.io. According to OpenSea though, there’s been a recent bump in trading and average price so who knows what the future has in store for Ouroboro, but it’s doubtful that it will be TradeSage. Better luck next time!

Image from Ouroborous founder & artist’s website: gonz0x.art.


Bought 10/06 at 0.05 ETH

Sold 10/12 at 0.02 ETH

Twelve Anonymous Tournaments is a next-gen NFT enabled game. TAT offered a free mint which launched on October 5th, and looks like the TradeSage jumped in right after the opening trading day. TAT is a collection of 5555 characters that holders can play as within the tournament. I did some deeper research to see why this token ended up being sold at a loss, and what happened to the collection overall.

It appears that after the free mint, the business model required a high number of secondary sales in order to fund the creation of the game. There were also questions within the community about how the developers would even be able to convert the artwork presented in the NFT to be converted to a playable character. Their artwork, which presents to be rather conceptual, could be very difficult to convert into a playable character, which left the community with many questions about what kind of game they were anticipating, and whether or not it would even be possible.

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This Week’s Buys

Next up, let’s take a look at the new purchases made by the TradeSage today.

The TradeSage signaled to buy a few anime stylized collections – maybe the anime meta is coming back around with additions like YuGiYn (19 tokens, 2.97eth), White Hearts 1.0 (19tokens, 2 eth) and Overbourne (12 tokens, 1.44 eth) to our collection. RektGuy is also back in the lineup, with the TradeSage scooping up 4 more tokens for 1.32 eth.

Finally, TradeSage picked up 1 Down Market Duck for 0.38eth, as well as 3 Eggcelland tokens for 0.07eth.

Remember, TrackTrade’s TradeSage is getting better every week, perfecting it’s picks and alerts. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how these picks do in the coming days and weeks.

New Collections Overview

New Purchases by TradeSage this week.

Word of the Week

Overall, another solid week for the TradeSage, with a net gain of 5.29 ETH overall from recent sales! We hope that you found this additional insight and analysis helpful, and feel more comfortable making your NFT trades with the help of TrackTrade.

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