Halloweekend Review ~ October 31, 2022

Weekly Review Newsletter #4

Happy Halloween!

We’ve been busy here at TrackTrade, continuing to build our alert tool for NFT traders, TradeSage. We have had Halloween on our mind though so before we go enjoy some Tricks & Treats, we wanted to update you on what’s new with TrackTrade and continue reviewing our TradeSage’s performance in our 4th-ever Weekly Review!

Trading NFTs can be scary (Boo!), which is why it is important to have helpful tools to help you make right call. TrackTrade has been developing TradeSage, an alert tool for NFT traders that can provide instant notifications to let you know when to buy or sell an NFT. Our goal is to help simplify your buying and selling process, with added confidence from the TradeSage.

This Week’s Sales

This week was filled with quick little flips. We’ve been making adjustments to the TradeSage model, so what will be more interesting to dive into this week will be our New Purchases! Be sure to read until the end to see what New NFTs the TradeSage is buying!

rektguy: 1 Tokens, 0.19 ETH gain 

Bought 10/18 at 0.45 ETH

Sold 10/29 at 0.64 ETH

Our top gain for the week was from the sale of one RektGuy NFT we had picked up last week on October 18TH. TradeSage sold the token 11 days later for a gain of 0.19 ETH. We still have more RektGuy NFTs the TradeSage picked up last week, so hopefully we will continue seeing gains with those in the coming weeks! 

R Planet – Genesis Collection: 2 Tokens, 0.05 ETH gain 

Bought 10/25 at 0.17 ETH

Sold 10/27 at 0.22 ETH

Next up is R Planet, a collection for a community of creatives and dreamers looking to create their world. Since the start, NFTs and their communities have functioned as incubators and support systems for artists and creators. R Planet has a strong message and has had solid trading volume and over the last week, causing our TradeSage to buy and sell two tokens in two days for a gain of 0.05 ETH. 

Sprout Academy: 1 Tokens, 0.01 ETH gain 

Bought 10/29 at 0.01 ETH

Sold 10/29 at 0.02 ETH

Quick flip! Trade sage doubled this small investment, buying one Sprout Academy NFT for 0.01 ETH on Saturday, and selling the same day at 0.02 ETH. Sprout Academy is part of a larger Wasteland Cactus Crew ecosystem of NFTs, and made the perfect quick flip for our trading model.

Boi Genesis: 1 Tokens, 0.01 ETH gain 

Bought 10/24 at 0.11 ETH

Sold 10/24 at 0.12 ETH

Similar to the collection above, a Boi Genesis NFT was bought and sold by TrackTrade’s TradeSage on 10/24 for a gain of 0.01 ETH

Aopanda Party: 1 Tokens, -0.01 ETH loss 

Bought 10/30 at 0.5 ETH

Sold 10/30 at 0.49 ETH

An Aopanda Party NFT was bought on yesterday, October 30th but then quickly resold when the TradeSage noticed its decline in trading volume. The NFT was sold for a loss of 0.01 ETH, not too bad… not all picks can be winners!

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This Week’s Buys

Finally, the fun part of this week’s review – TradeSage’s New Purchases! Our founder and developer has been improving TradeSage’s parameters We are excited to see which collections the TradeSage has alerted on and what new purchases it decides to make after our founder and developer continued making adjustments to the 

This week, the Trade Sage bought quite the selection of tokens, and there are a few worth highlighting. Aside from some familiar faces like FewOworld by FEWOCiOUS and RektGuy, TradeSage decided to buy 19 more R Planet tokens, 2 Asian Disappointments, 3 Skulorful NFTs and more. 

the TradeSage has been picking up some new collections as we continue to improve the TradeSage model.

FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Paint: 9 Tokens, 11.12 ETH & rektguy: 2 Tokens, 2.09 ETH

No surprises here… TradeSage picked up some more of it’s long time favorites, adding 9 New RektGuy’s and 2 new FewOworld paint NFTs to our inventory. As we continue to see TradeSage picking within these collections, we can deduce that these collections are indeed holding value and are actively being traded within the marketplaces.

RektGuy and FewOworld Paint.

R Planet – Genesis Collection: 19 Tokens, 1.88 ETH

The largest purchase of this week was for the R Planet collection we discussed earlier. TradeSage thought it was a good idea to pick up 19 of these tokens for a total of 1.88 ETH. We will have to stay tuned to see whether their community remains devoted and continues to grow interest in this collection.

More New Collections We’re Trying Out…

Aside from those larger purchases, TradeSage is giving a bunch of other collections a try, picking up a few tokens from each of the following collections:

New purchases by TradeSage this week.

In Other News

Halloweekend may almost be over, but today’s still the big day! This Halloween is unique because over this past weekend, NFT enthusiasts have been attending Metaverse Halloween Parties by creators and companies. These parties welcome attendees to come dressed in their costumes (ie. NFT enabled avatars) and enjoy music and company from around the world. In case you’re interested in checking one out, Paris Hilton is hosting her “Cryptoween” party hosted and sponsored by The Sandbox Metaverse.

What’s going on in the MetaVerse?

In recent weeks, the world has become more skeptic of the metaverse as Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms has faced challenges in convincing the public and investors in the viability and eventual mass adoption of virtual and augmented reality. Meta has invested heavily in their “Reality Labs” but investors don’t seem very confident, as Meta announced their second successive quarter in year-over-year revenue declines. This has made some skeptics feel correct in their assertion that the metaverse is just a bad idea.

So what’s going wrong for Meta?

Let’s give Meta the benefit of the doubt for a moment. As individuals heavily involved in the web 3 space, we know how hard it can be to help someone understand the metaverse, moreover, help them believe in it and the future of its capabilities. Much of the world still does not understand how current iterations of the metaverse can be used right now, let alone how the metaverse can be used in the future. Meta has invested heavily not only in product development, but marketing as well, hoping to expedite mass adoption and build confidence through education and experience.

Meta faces other issues though. They’ve clearly tried thus far to lead the charge on the metaverse, but they’ve struggled to excite users, many likening them to Nintendo Mii’s and finding them generally unappealing. There is an opportunity for others like Apple to try their hand at the metaverse, however there’s still concern over a single company monopolizing the metaverse which is fundamentally against the decentralized mission of web 3.

What’s truly important is to recognize the potential of this technology, and how it will inevitably be used in the future. Check out this video I found today by Marques Brownlee, a reliable and trustworthy tech YouTuber, that breaks down the metaverse and Meta’s challenges. Halloween Parties in the metaverse may not be everyone’s forte right now, but rest assured that this technology will continue to develop until there are metaverse experiences we wouldn’t imagine anywhere else!

Collection of the Week: Captainz by Memeland

Memeland is a web 3 project development collective formed by 9GAG, which happens to be one of my personal favorite NFT developers! 9GAG has been long established in the meme community as a meme sharing and social media site. They are also known for bringing us the Potatoz NFT collection that continues to be wildly successful, with a floor price currently at 1.5 ETH! Earlier this year, 9GAG partnered with leaders in the NFT community like Gary Vee and Kevin Rose. 

Is the next trend in NFTs Memes? 

The advisors at 9GAG think so. 

Image sourced from MemeLand’s Official Website, Memeland.com

Captainz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled “Captains” and their “pirate crew” of meme inspired PFPs. 

By holding a Memeland PFP, holders can unlock private clubs, access to a “Creator NFT Marketplace”, in real life events, and receive future drops from the 9GAG team.

Captainz is launching soon, “Q4 2022. Yes, very soon.” According to their updated website. If you want to get in on the memes you can join their discord by clicking here: https://discord.gg/Memeland

My prediction is Captainz will be another strong collection for Memeland, so whether you get a Memelist (whitelist) spot or can stay up to date and get in early, this would be a good hold or flip! If everything goes well, it appears that Captainz by Memeland could become another blue chip access based NFT among the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles, offering unique experiences backed by a credible team.