Bill Murray and Johnny Depp NFTs are Gaining Popularity ~ Nov 7, 2022

TradeSage Weekly Review #5 

Welcome back Track Traders! Our TradeSage has been busy picking NFTs for you to buy and sell all week, and we’ve got the review for you! This week, TradeSage made some big gains, flipping a Bill Murray 1000 NFT for our biggest single gain of the week. Later in our review, we go over another celebrity collection, Johnny Depp’s Never Fear Truth.

This Week’s Sales

To kick off the month of November, TradeSage made a lot of small trades. Unlike previous weeks, where we saw the software buying up to 19 tokens within particular collections, this week TradeSage has been more modest and spread out its bets, trading only a couple tokens in over 30 different collections. 

Of the 30 trades, 24 of them (80%) were gains totalling about 1.54 ETH this week! Of the 6 trades that were losses, most were minor losses of 0.01 ETH, however the biggest detractor this week was from the sale of 6 tokens of “Act of Emotion by Kelly Milligan” NFTs we lost for -0.06 ETH each. Looks like this week’s lesson is more tokens, more risk!

This week’s top TradeSage sales come from the Bill Murray 1000 by the Chive Collection, Timeless Characters, Survival by Kevin Abosch, SUP3RFAST SUPERPASS, and Citadel Game. Each of these collections were quite unique and offered different utilities for holders and investors. As always, we took a deeper look into each transaction to learn more and let you know how TradeSage is performing!

Total gain of 1.540

TradeSage Week of November 6th, 2022

Overall Trends: Quicker Flips, Smaller Buys

Bill Murray 1000: 1 Tokens, 0.47 ETH gain 

Bought 11/01 at 0.21 ETH

Sold 11/01 at 0.68 ETH

Bill Murray’s NFT Collection is on FIRE, currently sitting at a floor price of 1.2 ETH – that’s nearly double what TradeSage sold their token for earlier this week. Even so, TradeSage managed to triple its investment within 24 hours, purchasing 1 of Bill Murray’s 1000 for just 0.21 ETH on November 1st, selling it just hours later for 0.68 ETH! Definitely a strong collection to keep an eye on!

Timeless Characters: 2 Tokens, 0.25 ETH gain 

Bought 11/02 at 0.49 ETH

Sold 11/02 at 0.74 ETH

Timeless Characters is a collection of anime pfp skins that are usable in the Treeverse Ecosystem of MMORPG web 3 games. TradeSage flipped a couple of these for a gain of 0.25 ETH in under 24 hours! Since the sale, Timeless Characters has chilled out a bit from its peak earlier this month and now sits at 0.34 ETH – good thing TradeSage decided to exit!

SURVIVAL by KEVIN ABOSCH: 1 Tokens, 0.23 ETH gain 

Bought 11/04 at 0.71 ETH

Sold 11/06 at 0.94 ETH

This is an interesting collection by CryptoArtist Kevin Abosch, which he says is a data driven project informed by the human struggle to survive – sheesh. This 500 piece collection is doing well, and the floor price has risen to an astounding 1.75 ETH! Always nice to see a collection break 1 ETH, especially in today’s market!

SUPERF3ST SUPERPASS: 1 Tokens, 0.19 ETH gain 

Bought 11/01 at 0.21 ETH

Sold 11/04 at 0.4 ETH

My favorite sale this week is the SUPERF3ST SUPERPASS, which TradeSage decided would be a good purchase on November 1st. SUPERF3ST is a collection of 3,333 music lovers, artists, and industry leaders who plan to host a music festival hosted by their artist founders. I’ve been wanting to see more in the music and NFT hybrid space, so I am hopeful that this festival turns out to be something fun and worth it for their holders! Trade sage held its token for 3 days, and sold for 0.4 ETH.

More Wins This Week…

Next up are our smaller wins of the week. Looking at the transactions, it seems like TradeSage is getting more diverse with its picks – picking collections offering popular web 3 NFT enabled games, event tickets like to Gary Vee’s VeeCon, and unique communities emerging. TradeSage flipped each token quickly, holding onto each for only 1 to 2 days.

VeeCon Tickets: 1 Tokens, 0.07 ETH gain 

Bought 11/01 at 0.12 ETH

Sold 11/03 at 0.19 ETH

rektguy: 1 Tokens, 0.07 ETH gain 

Bought 10/17 at 0.35 ETH

Sold 11/04 at 0.42 ETH

We also said goodbye to another RektGuy NFT we’ve been holding onto since 10/17. Rektguy’s floor price has been a bit unsteady over the past weeks, so we’re glad the TradeSage was able to exit with another little gain!

Even more wins…

There were too many wins to count this week, since the TradeSage has been getting into a wider variety of collections and making smaller transactions. Here are a few more notable picks…

Women Unite – 10k Assemble: 1 Tokens, 0.04 ETH gain 

Bought 11/04 at 0.08 ETH

Sold 11/06 at 0.12 ETH

Angry Ape Army Evolution Collection: 1 Tokens, 0.05 ETH gain 

Bought 11/05 at 0.02 ETH

Sold 11/05 at 0.08 ETH

BMC Hashdroid: 1 Tokens, 0.05 ETH gain 

Bought 11/03 at 0.09 ETH

Sold 11/04 at 0.14 ETH

Collections that fell short…

Unfortunately, not every collection was a winner over the past week. Some of our picks from last week did not rise like the others, including Skulourful and Aopanda Party, which each were sold for a loss of 0.01 ETH. Aside from that, 3 other collections were also sold for small losses, including Tokyo Alternative Girls (3 Tokens, -0.01 ETH), Tableland Rigs (1 token, -0.06 ETH), and Halloween Poupelle (1 Token, -0.07 ETH).

Photon’s Dream by Harvey Rayner: 6 Tokens, -0.37 ETH loss 

Bought 10/06 at 1.7 ETH

Sold 11/02 at 1.33 ETH

Our biggest loss of the week came from the sale of six “Photon’s Dream” NFTs by Harvey Rayner. These were picked up by TradeSage back on October 6th and sold after about a month for a loss of 0.37 ETH overall.

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This Week’s Buys

This week, TradeSage bought into a variety of collections. Some standouts include Johnny Depp’s Never Fear Truth, storytelling collection KPR, and MinTech’s ETH automation bot. TradeSage also bought a few familiar collections like FewOworld and Women Unite, and plenty of new ones too!

KPR: 9 Tokens, 5.3 ETH

KPR stands for Keep. Protect. Reimagine. And is a storytelling NFT and universe. KPR began minting on November 2nd for 0.2 ETH. Since launch, their collection has been doing well and is currently trading for 0.78 ETH and is still yet to reveal. TradeSage decided to buy 9 Keepers for about 0.58 ETH each, so we’re already off to a great start with this trade!

Most Interesting New Buy: ETH Automation Bot by MinTech

MinTech: 1 Tokens, 1.18 ETH

TradeSage decided to invest in another bot today, purchasing 1 MinTech Pass for 1.18 ETH. MinTech has developed an automation bot that they say, simplifies the NFT buying process. Their service and included Dashboard offer tools like wallet management, direct-to-contract minting, and alpha release guides to upcoming launches to help ease and elevate the buying process. By purchasing a MinTech Pass, the holder can access all of MinTech’s tools, however, there is a recurring monthly fee of 0.2 ETH that must be paid for the pass to be active. Expired passes will remain inactive until the subscription restarted.

MinTech Passes, expired and active cards.

FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Paint: 4 Tokens, 5.75 ETH

What’s going on in FewOworld? Well, TradeSage’s favorite collection is still actively being traded and the software decided to pick up 4 more tokens. Hopefully we continue to see gains out of this one like we have in previous weeks!

Never Fear Truth by Johnny Depp: 2 Tokens, 0.22 ETH

Never Fear Truth is a collection by Johnny Depp that merges his artwork with his community. This genesis collection of 3,850 NFTs act as membership to his community and feature the faces of his “friends and heroes”. This is one of the first times I’ve seen a celebrity creative make a collection like this, not just featuring themselves but featuring their inspirations!

LAYC: 3 Tokens, 0.18 ETH

This collection seems to already have a strong community, because I have seen at least 2 Lazy Ape’s as profile pictures over the past couple days! 

What else is TradeSage buying?

New Purchases by TradeSage Today.

Word of the Week

The new meta – Storytelling NFTs

Storytelling NFTs have continued to gain popularity since the start of the trend early this year.

They first emerged in early 2022, but never fully had the opportunity to take the limelight as the crypto market faced trouble in the spring. The war in Ukraine and the subsequent crypto crash in June of this year truly stunted any growth and evolution in the storytelling NFT market.

Storytelling NFTs are usually backed by web 3 lovers and enthusiasts, and during the recession, have been something for the NFT community to get excited about and unite behind. These collections have continued to develop, despite negativity in the market, however many had to prolong their launches – which did not work in their favor. Collections that were already in development had invested heavily in their foundational elements, and depended on the support they’d already built within their community. In an effort to launch, founders of storytelling NFTs had to decide between rushing their launch or dragging the pre-launch phase out too long.

Finally now, we are starting to see these collections launch as market sentiment has begun to change and become more positive as the NFT community emerges from its lows.

Interested in telling your story within a Storytelling NFT community? Check out Dreamy!

Dreamy is a collection launching soon, built for daydreamers and creatives! This project has been under development for a while and has been growing a strong community of Dreamylisted members getting ready for launch! Click here to learn more.