About Track Trade

Track Trade’s mission is to make it easy for people to understand NFTs and how to trade them profitably! But its roots are a bit more humble.

How it all began

I have always been interested in NFTs, but didn’t really know where to start.  What does floor price mean?  What is WETH?  Should I buy NFTs that seem popular on Twitter? What does it mean to mint something?

I dove in and bought my first NFT, and sold it a few weeks later for a little profit.  You know what? It was fun!

But it also felt very random – I really had no idea what to buy, and I just didn’t have the time to hang out on Twitter or Discord to see what everyone was talking about.

While scanning through Ethereum, I realized that just about all the information about NFT trading on the Ethereum block chain was out in the public for all to see.  With all this data, why not use statistical analysis and AI to make predictions of what to buy and what to sell?  It wasn’t random, nor did I need to be “in the know” — I just needed to know how to pull a signal from all those transactions.

Enter TradeSage

After analyzing a few million transactions, I started to put together a few models and looked to see how they performed – and saw pretty consistent gains.  So I turned this into a product, TradeSage.  TradeSage is a pretty conservative model that gets retrained every week, and we are constantly tweaking how it operates and analyzes NFTs.  It is not limited to certain collections or whales, but rather looks at nearly every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do you get TradeSage?

You can check out its performance with a free weekly review, or signup for an email version right here:

You can also follow us on Twitter where we post the past week’s results.

Very soon I’ll be releasing TradeSage alerts: as soon as TradeSage sees a buy or sell opportunity, you’ll get an email alert telling you which NFT collection and what price you should buy or sell at, giving you the opportunity to buy smarter!