Yes, NFTs can make money. You just need the right alert.

Track Trade sends you alerts of what NFTs you can likely trade for a profit.
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What is TradeSage?

TradeSage is a NFT prediction algorithm that makes decisions on NFT prices
TradeSage constantly processes millions of data points across thousands of NFT collections
TradeSage sends email alerts of key information within minutes: Which collection, what price, to buy, or to sell!

You are in control

We don’t connect to your wallet, and we don’t make trades on your behalf.
TradeSage simply provides recommendation alerts, you can decide to make the purchase!

Here’s what you get

Get an email within minutes of a TradeSage prediction. The emails will spell out clearly what to buy and what to sell, and at what price.
Get access to historical data, charts, and research available exclusively to subscribers.

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Huge predictive updates, price targets, Owls, Momoguro, and more!

Hey all! Another edition of our newsletter here, where we breakdown whats happening under the hood at TrackTrade. Why read about old trades? Get in on the action! While its fun to read what already happened, why not get the alerts so that you can trade like this? It is risk free, no credit card…

Product Hunt, MISTFITS PROJECT, and more!

TradeSage Weekly Review ~ February 27, 2023 With a gain of 2.189 ETH, it has been yet another profitable week for TradeSage. The trading tool made a number of lucrative deals last week and helped us earn top dollar. In this post, we will look at different metrics, such as previous sales made, holding time,…